Welcome to My House!

Yes, I’m singing Flo Rida’s “My House” as I type this and laughing at myself. Is that the most addicting song or what? (I bet you sang along as you read the title too, didn’t you?) 🙂

Well, here is my crew. Miles, Carson, Sawyer and Finley. They are my busy, hilarious, loving little guys, but also each very different, which is awesome to witness. (I’ll share more about each of them from time to time, to give you a peek inside our little world.)

When someone imagines four boys in the house, I know they imagine chaos and dirt. Oh yeah, we have our share of those, but we also have quiet reading and drawing time, weekly chores, laugh attacks and serious conversations.

Each of my boys has his own personality and preferences, and we’ve learned to discipline them differently according to what works for each child. (*Putting a pin in that because that’s a whole separate post.) They are amazing to me, and sometimes I can’t believe we made them. I think God makes you feel that way about your children so you don’t lose your mind when they take the stuffing out of the couch cushions, pour an entire box of Cheerios on the floor, or throw EVERY single Thomas the Train Engine friend in. the. pool.

I promise I won’t make every post about my boys, but I wanted to kick off my launch day with an introduction of my greatest accomplishments. They make this crazy life worth it all!

I hope this blog can be a place for you to relax, smile and read something happy! That’s what it is for me–a retreat, a sanctuary, a happy place.

Welcome! And thanks for smiling along with me.

Love more,



  1. Donna | 3rd Mar 17

    Lordy, lordy…I love those 4 boys!!!

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