This is 39ish Life: Yanetta

Giving birth to my 40s…

My 30s have been good to me, but there’s something special about entering my 40s.

I’m a single mother of two beautiful children, ages 13 and 7. I forgot what it felt like to do what I want to do a long time ago. 🙂

As a mother, educator, bible study teacher and youth leader, it’s important that while dinner is in the oven, I find the time to ride my bike, text a friend, or cry when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes I do get tired of hearing, “Mom!” over and over, so that’s when I reply, “I have changed my name!” My son gets excited and starts to call me every title that I carry … Ms. Yanetta, Dean Arnold, Sis. Arnold, Net, or Friend … which results in much-needed laughter from all of us.

I’ve never focused on aging, birthdays, etc., but there’s just something different about 39. It’s the year before you cross the amazing threshold to 40. And I am dedicating my 40s to Me, Myself and I.

I am working on setting a release date for my book “FLOW” (Faith Love Obedience Worship), an inspirational book to help those who are stagnant find their FLOW. (Coming to a city near you, FLOW Ministries!) What a way to kick off my 40s!

Giving birth to my 40s … oh my! I’m so excited to see blessings manifest in our life. All praise, honor and glory to God.

Stay encouraged! The best is yet to come. #Jeremiah29:11  #Romans8:28





*Stay tuned for more posts in this special series celebrating our many different views of 39ish Life!

Love more,



  1. Donna Ray | 10th Jul 17


    • Dana | 10th Jul 17

      She is! She is an amazing mama, inspiring educator, and uplifting friend. A pretty cool package. 🙂

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