Something to Smile About…

You know when someone you love is in a sad, heart-wrenching place and you just want to fast forward life to get them to happiness? That’s how I felt about my little sister three years ago. She was going through a divorce and was so upset, and scared, and anxious about so many things. Every time we spoke, her voice was soft and sad, and I knew she was struggling to talk or think about anything else.

We prayed and prayed for her to get through that crazy, difficult time and find something to make her smile again.

This summer, we celebrated her baby boy’s first birthday at the beach with our whole family. She didn’t stop smiling the whole weekend. It was beautiful. Her new love and her new little man have brought my little sister back to life. God is good.

This awesome addition to our family brings the total to SEVEN grandsons. Yep, my sisters and I all have boys, with no girls on the horizon as I’m pretty sure we’re all done adding to our families. It’s become a really neat thing actually, to see all our boys interacting and bonding over the years. We have our own “Magnificent Seven.” 🙂

Our long weekend at the beach was another chance to hang out together, and this time baby Taylor got to play with them! They all ADORE him and were constantly vying for his attention. OK, I was right there with them. He’s pretty stinkin cute and I was longing for a baby on my hip, so…

It was also a chance for us to slow down, build sand castles, collect shells, and just relax (as much as you can with seven little boys). In fact, the only time any of us left the hotel property was for a guys’ fishing trip one day and a Publix run. And really, the hotel and beach was all I needed. Any time I have my toes in the sand, I’m happy.

It was a sweet way to welcome summer and soak in some happiness with our family.

Click on the gallery above to view the slide show of our family weekend in Madeira Beach celebrating T’s first birthday, seven crazy cousins, and being blessed with so much to smile about…

Love more (and relax a little),


P.S. We stayed at the Schooner Hotel in Madeira Beach. It’s a small, family-owned hotel right on the water with phenomenal 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom suites. Highly recommend it! 🙂

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