My Current Obsessions: Winter 2016

I shared My Current Obsessions a few months back and had a lot of fun (and good feedback) with it, so I’m sharing a new version of some of my everyday obsessions. A fun way to kick off the weekend (and surround myself with all these yummy things)!


Thin Addictives: These are my go-to snacks at the moment. A pack of these with some iced almond milk–yumola! Just enough sweetness to make me think I’m eating cookies, but no guilt. I let the boys try a bite and two of the four liked them … so they are now hidden in the laundry room. The snacks, not the boys.


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: This was part of my birthday gift from my sweet friend, Kaci, and I’m in love. I’ve tried SO MANY mascaras over the years and can name the ones I’d buy again on one hand. It separates, lifts and lengthens, giving you pretty, full lashes, without big chunky clumps. Done.


Kate Spade Chrissy wristlet: I am really trying to refrain from a giant purse, because it only gets filled with stuff I don’t need to carry around every day. I’ve been using a crossbody from Thirty-One since the spring and I love it. Then, my friend Jessica gifted me this beauty for my birthday last month. It holds everything I actually need–phone, keys, coin purse, license/cards, lip gloss. It’s my new date night staple.


Humans of New York Stories: I’ve followed the Facebook page for years, and it has made me laugh and cry on a daily basis. My mom bought me the book last Christmas and it’s now one of the things I’ll never not own. I keep it on my bedside table and have been flipping through it again in the last few weeks. There’s something about pictures of real people, in their environment, giving you a glimpse into their lives with just a few sentences. Humbling. And really, really good for your heart and your perspective.


Old Navy pj pants: These were a gift from my friend, Allison, last Christmas and as soon as the weather turned cool I pulled them back out and now I LIVE. IN. THEM. Cozy, warm, super soft and comfy. Old Navy has similar ones available again this year. Yay! You’re getting pj pants! And you’re getting pj pants! Everyone is getting pj pants!


Etsy: I love finding something DIFFERENT for a gift, something personal or super unique. I ordered a lot of my Christmas gifts from small businesses, Etsy shop owners, or friends who are trying to help their families through direct sales. My current Etsy obsessions are: Clarabella Vintage, Raise My Glass, Wilderland Print Shop, and Live Love Boutique. So fun to find really neat treasures created by some crazy talented artisans … and I can shop on my couch while wearing my pj pants. 🙂


John Mayer’s new single “Love on the Weekend”: You guys know I have a small infatuation with John Mayer. (If you didn’t know this, welcome.) I’ve been waaaaiiting for a new album and he released this new single right before Jeff took me away for my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! It is a perfect “weekend getaway” theme song, and Jeff let me play it over and over all weekend. True Love. John performed the new single on Jimmy Fallon, and I’ve watched it too many times to confess, so … enjoy!


What are you obsessing about lately? I hope it’s something that keeps you warm and makes you happy!

Love (and get comfy) more,


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