Learning Patience in the World of Blogging


I’m a pretty patient person.

I don’t growl or grumble when I have to wait in a long checkout line.

I just smile and wave when someone cuts me off in traffic.

I count to three and breathe deeply when my children are making me feel like I’m losing my ever-loving mind.

I understand there are so many things in life that just take time, and there are so many instances where having patience can put you in the best situation. Yep, I got that.

But I also know the feeling of that desire to have something you want … and you want it right. now.

Whether it’s a promotion at work, a new car, a vacation, or anything that seems juuust out of reach, your longing for it can be all-consuming. And no matter how often you pray for “God’s timing” to match with yours, we all know we have to just keep at it and we’ll get there. But, having patience while we work toward the goal is still soo crazy hard.

Blogging is my “job,” and as with any job, I want to grow and accomplish and succeed. I want to reach my goals and create new ones. I want to feel confident that my abilities as a writer can help support my family. I want to feel like “I made it.” (Don’t we all want that?)

Of course, success has a different definition for every person. For me, it doesn’t mean a million dollar paycheck or a fancy new car. It’s more about checking things off my personal bucket list. I want my blog audience and social media following to grow and allow me to become a source of fun, positive encouragement for others. I want some of the “big” blogs out there to notice 39ish Life and give it some love. I want to find more ways to monetize my writing so I can feel like all this time I’m putting into my work is contributing to my family. And beyond my blogging, I want my children’s book to get published, and eventually turn into a whole series. (OK, I’ve also dreamt about it becoming an animated series on PBS or Disney Jr., but, baby steps.) All of these goals are levels of success for me. And I’m zealously (and patiently!) working on all of them.

But, whew, it’s challenging to picture what it will be like when you reach each one, and you just want to fast forward to be there! I keep telling myself this experience is a great example to share with my boys as a real-life lesson in patience.

It helps tremendously that I’m part of a wonderful tribe of bloggers who constantly lift each other up and help promote our best work, so that we all continue to grow. It’s an awesome feeling to see one of our own have something go viral on social media. I’m still waiting on that myself, but … patience, Dana. I’m writing and creating as much content as my brain (and my house full of little ones) will allow. So, it (or something just as amazing) will happen … in due time.

Can I get an “Amen?”

Love (and practice patience) more,


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