Fall 2016 Wrap-Up!

We are all moving into Christmas mode at our house (yaaay!), so I’ve been looking back at the pictures I took over the last few months (AMAZED at all we squeezed into this fall and how fast it went by), and trying to catalog the memories. There were so many moments I didn’t have time to share on the blog or Facebook, so I thought I’d do a wrap-up now. One more glance at the fall fun, then on to immerse ourselves in all things Christmas!


*Fall = baseball for Miles and t-ball for Sawyer (with Jeff coaching Sawyer’s team), so that means four evenings and one Saturday morning at the ballfield each week. Kinda feel like I should have a tent and cot set up there.

fall2016m fall2016w

fall2016g fall2016f


*Living in a college town is so fun! The boys looove attending the UF Homecoming Parade each year (and getting a day off school for it–woohoo!). Their favorite “floats” this year were the UF cheerleaders on the fire truck and the Krispy Kreme bus.











*It’s been nice weather here most of the fall, so we took advantage and got OUTSIDE as much as possible. We explored a new splash park with cousins, took LOTS of nature walks, climbed on construction trucks and visited all our favorite playgrounds.

fall2016h fall2016c

fall2016d fall2016k

fall2016p fall2016q fall2016s fall2016aa


*Hurricane Matthew kept us indoors for a few days, but thankfully there was no damage to our house and we didn’t lose power! Just a few branches down outside and some creative entertainment inside/on the screened porch (Jeff taught Finley how to play some old school Atari games).

fall2016o fall2016n

*Every fall brings lots of celebrations for our little family–Sawyer’s birthday (Bouncin Big party), Jeff’s birthday (Gavin Degraw/Andy Grammer concert) and my birthday (getaway to St. Pete) all within about five weeks time. So. Much. Cake. 🙂

fall2016cc fall-2016bb

fall2016kk fall2016ll




*October was packed with fun–Fall Festival at Sawyer’s and Carson’s school, Trunk-or-Treat at Finley’s school and a Halloween dance at Miles’ school (where he wore his real costume because he wasn’t rushing to baseball after!).












*And, of course it’s not fall without Gator football!

fall2016hh fall2016mm


*Thanksgiving with my daddy’s side of the family was a great fall finale!

fall2016oo fall2016pp


Thank you all for following along and sharing this blog with friends–I can’t tell you how happy I am to be doing this, and to be getting so much wonderful feedback! Life is good!

Love (and enjoy the seasons) more,


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