Christmas 2015: The Photos That Didn’t Make the Cut

Normally, you don’t want people to laugh at your children. But, sometimes, you just put it out there because it’s too funny to keep to yourself. Like these photos from a Christmas card photo shoot a couple years ago…

I was in the hospital and asked my mom to take the boys to a friend’s house where a photographer was taking Christmas photos. I felt so bad asking my mom … we can all agree taking family photos is a beast! But, I assured her there was no pressure. I just needed one picture for our Christmas cards. Surely there would be one decent one for our cards when the madness ceased. 🙂

She called me after they left the shoot with the run-down. The sweet, patient photographer did all he could to coordinate four restless boys, but she wasn’t sure how they’d turn out.When these arrived in my email inbox, I couldn’t stop laughing. They totally made my day. Enjoy!

*Finley fell asleep on the way there and was NOT happy about the props and lighting and the whole “being asked to smile” thing. And Sawyer looks a little evil, hmm…


*OK, Finley’s warming up a bit, but everyone seems to have that “Ehhh … we’re smiling but we don’t want to” vibe. And I’m preeetty sure Carson is wearing Sawyer’s shirt.


*I’ll hold your sign and look at you, but I’m. not. smiling.


*Happy smile from Sawyer…


*Loved this pic of him, but since all the solos didn’t make the cut, I couldn’t use his. Could just imagine the boys’ reactions if only one solo pic was in the collage–haha!


*My sweet firstborn, with bright yellow rubberbands in your braces and the largest freakin hat that covers your entire head.


*A little too much eggnog…


*This was our winner. Little man still looks like he’s going to kill someone, but everyone is looking at the camera and the majority are smiling, so…


Would LOVE to see your Christmas pics–the good, the bad and the hilarious!

Love (and laugh at yourself–and your family) more,


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